Archive of the Cathedral of Barcelona (Archivo de la Catedral de Barcelona / Catedral de Barcelona. Arxiu Capitular) (Spain)

The Chapter Archive is installed on two of the naves in the cloister and is open to researchers. It is accessed through the chapel of Santa Llúcia, in the cloister, by means of an elevator. There are several papyri (5th-8th centuries), about 200 codices (the oldest is from the 8th century), a hundred incunabula, more than 40,000 parchments (9th-17th centuries) and the voluminous collection of documents of the institutions that through the centuries have lodged in the Cathedral, and of some organizations and individuals. Of note is the Esposalles collection, which runs from 1451 to 1905 and contains hundreds of thousands of names of people located in the geographical area of ​​the old diocese of Barcelona, ​​which are a first-rate source for genealogical and social studies.