State Archives of Ternopil Oblast (Ukraine)

The collection of the Archive of the pre-1939 period consist of documents from the Sacred Cathedral of the Assumption Lavra at Pochayiv (1557-1939), copies of Russian, Austrian and Prussian official acts, which relate to the first division of Poland, copies of the decrees of Empress Katherine II, concerning joining of the regions to the Russian Empire as the result of the second and third divisions of Poland (1793-1795), the Manifesto of Austrian Empress Maria-Teresa, concerning joining of the part of Polish Kingdom to Austria, copies of credentials of Polish King August II, decrees and orders of the Volyn Sacred Consistory, copy Suvorov’s reports concerning victory over French troops (1799), orders of Warsaw-Kholm and Volyn Sacred Consistories (1834), a document giving permission to Taras Shevchenko to sketch the Lavra and local countrysides (1846), documents associated with thecollection funds to construct monuments to Khmelnytskyy and Kutuzov, protocols of meetings of the Sacted Sobor (1840-1925), documents concerning typography, statistical data about Lavra, its premises, enterprises and landholdings, revision registers of serfs (1833).