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Welcome to, the world's largest family history research network. We help thousands of people just like you connect to their past. We can help you:

  • Obtain copies of original documents from archives and libraries around the world.
  • Break down difficult brick walls and solving complex family history problems.
  • Strengthen and extend your family trees.
  • Establish proof required to join lineage societies.
  • Trace and identify bloodlines, such as Native American.
  • Recommend best DNA testing and analyze DNA test results.
  • Find biological parents and missing persons.

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Three main factors set apart from other family history research firms:

  • Since 2012, has been one of the world's largest family history research firms. We have over 1,200 professional genealogists working in over 3,000 locations and archives throughout the world. As a result, we can access vital records wherever they are located, including the over 90% of records that FamilySearch estimates are not yet online.
  • has the specific expertise needed to solve even the toughest research challenges thanks to our over 1,200 professional genealogists, personal historians, private investigators, forensic scientists, DNA experts, religious leaders, university professors/scholars, and archivists worldwide.
  • We offer the lowest prices customized to your objectives and budget. We will beat a quote from any reputable firm. Most clients purchase research from us in one of two ways:

    1. Project. This option provides the best opportunity to meet your project's specific objectives. It is based on pre-research from our experts in the area as to what is required to meet your objectives. It is not based on the number of hours.
    2. Hourly. This option provides research by the hour. The cost depends on the amount of hours you purchase and is less per hour the more hours you purchase. helps with all forms of family history research for both the living and the deceased, including breaking down brick walls, creating family biographies, applying for dual citizenship, accessing the 90% of records that are not online, understanding DNA test results, translating documents, analyzing handwriting, and preserving family histories. All at the most affordable prices possible.

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