State Archive in Wrocław branch in Jelenia Góra (Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu Oddział w Jeleniej Górze) (Poland)

The State Archive in Jelenia Góra was created 1927 as the Stadtarchive Hirschberg. It was located at the Aussere Burgstrasse. In 1932 it was reorganized and named the Stadt- und Kreisarchive Hirschberg. After the World War II (August 14, 1945) the Polish authorities reactivated the town archive in Jelenia Góra. It was the first Polish archive in former German territory. In 1951 this archive was reorganized again as the branch of the Voivodship State Archive in Wrocław. In 1976, according to the reform of state administration, the archive became the Jelenia Góra Voivodship State Archive. In 1991 it was reorganized again into the branch of Wrocław State Archive.